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We provide influencers with an exceptional education that will enable them to reach their full potential in the influencer marketing space while cultivating a sense of community among our student body.

the ivy league for influencers

We Teach Influencers How to Maximize Their Influence From Mastering Their Mindset to Monetization.

The Influencer League is the Ivy League for influencers. Our mission is to not only provide you with an elite educational experience, but also a community of like-minded classmates. Founded by an influencer and influencer marketing professional, The Influencer League truly speaks to both sides of the industry with firsthand knowledge, full transparency and a collaborative spirit. Enrollment at our institution will equip you with the tools necessary to achieve your goals and excel as an influencer.

Matriculation at The Influencer League is extraordinary as our primary focus is the empowerment of diverse influencers. We are committed to your growth and here to help as you navigate your unique trajectory in the world of influencer marketing. The Influencer League curriculum is tiered by course load. We invite you to visit our admissions page and learn which program of study is right for you.

Brittany Bright The Influencer League Founder

Our Story

In late 2016, the founder of The Influencer League, Brittany Bright, began working at an advertising agency in her first post-grad role. With previous experience managing social media accounts for businesses, Brittany provided social media strategy, PR, content creation, design, and SEO support to her team.

As a novice blogger in 2017, Brittany decided to use her professional experience with social media, coupled with her personal passion for blogging and began a Facebook group to educate bloggers on the business of social media.

Over time, Brittany not only consulted bloggers, influencers, and content creators on social media strategy, web design, and branding, but she also began to participate in influencer campaigns as an influencer.

In Fall 2018, she began working for a PR agency, where she was responsible for vetting and securing influencers for national retailers and brands, social listening, and social media strategy. It was during this time, she realized the lack of diversity included in influencer campaigns, as well as the lack of information influencers knew about the brand side of the industry. She knew then that something had to change.

Within this role, Brittany advocated for more diverse influencer rosters, making it a personal goal to include at least 50% Black and POC campaigns in her influencer recommendation decks, access to better paying opportunities for influencers of color, as well as more education for influencers for them to truly succeed in the industry.

In July 2019, The Influencer League officially gained its title. Brittany chose to establish TIL as an outlet to educate influencers and content creators on the “business of influencing” on both the influencer side, as well as the rarely (externally) discussed brand side.

To date, the Influencer League has not only helped dozens of influencers secure 3-5 figure brand deals, but has also helped influencers strategically grow their social media following, and build solid brands that transcend social media.

Why the influencer league?

The Influencer League Focuses on 6 key components in order to help influencers across the globe reach their full potential.


01. Influencer Branding

“Influencer,” “Content Creator,” “YouTuber,” or “Blogger.” Regardless of what you label yourself, you have a brand.

Influencers who work with TIL have successfully established and honed their brand beyond the title to create a long-lasting, recognizable brand.


02. Social Media Growth

Influencers a part of the Influencer League have grown their social media following from hundreds to tens of thousands through tried and true organic, safe methods.

Quality of Followers > Quantity of Followers


03. Blogging

The original form of inflencing still maintains its relevancy and has benefits for Influencers which social media cannot provide.

We educate influencers on creating a blog that attracts, converts, and retains.

From email list building to SEO, our students receive it all.


04. Brand Partnerships

Whether you have 100 followers or 1 million followers, there is a brand out there who would love to work with YOU.

Our superpower is connecting influencers with the brands that suit them best, help influencers establish a worthy rate, and walk influencers through the process of securing gifted and paid brand deals.

Furthermore, we specialize in helping influencers and brands alike bridge the gap, and eliminate gatekeeping in the industry.


05. Monetization

How many streams of income does an influencer, content creator, or blogger have? If you have ever questioned how influencers earn $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 a month in income, then you need to think about the many streams of income they have established.

The Influencer League educates on establishing multiple, relevant streams of income to maximize profits and build a sustaining business.

For our influencers, monetization also means teaching proper money management, budgeting, income reports, expense reports, taxes, and more.


06. Influencer Management

No manager? No problem. Navigating the influencer marketing industry can seem daunting when an influencer does not have a manager to represent them.

Bridging the gap and eliminating gatekeeping in the industry is a top priority for TIL. We educate on how to pitch brands, secure brand deals, effectively communicate throughout the duration of the partnership, and leverage those brand deals to land similar deals in the future.

From experienced influencer managers who have helped individual influencers land 3-figure, 4-figure, and 5-figure brand deals, you can ensure you are learning from the best.

What does success look like?


Take a look at what our students are saying!

Gem of an agency

First paid campaign of the year just went live on IG thanks to @influenceleague! So glad I found this gem of an agency on twitter. So much helpful info!


@Synahia via Twitter

Over 50,000 people reached

I can’t get over the insights on four of my most popular posts! One of my extraction videos reached over 50,000 people just from implementing @influenceleague tips! I’m so excited to be taking their upcoming course to learn more 


@nefertith via twitter

i reached my goal in one month

Started the new year with 3060 followers [on Instagram] and my goal was at reach 6000 by the end of 2020. I managed to reach that goal in one month! Not only did I reach 6000, I have a lot more engagement on my post. Thanks to all the tips I learned from @influenceleague!! 


@lilie011 via Twitter

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