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We empower aspiring and experienced influencers with an exceptional, trailblazing education.

Your journey to unchartered impact and reward will be fuelled by your unwavering passion and drive. Our responsibility? To provide excellence in instruction and an incomparable student experience, from which you’ll profit from all that this dynamic industry has to offer.

That’s why we combine curriculum with community to help you elevate, expand, and make more money from your influence.

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til x msl 6 week masterclass

TIL101: An introduction into the world of Influencer Marketing, content creation & the creator economy in partnership with MSL Group

The Influencer League X MSL have come together as a force to bring a dynamic shift to the world of influencing by teaching  Black and POC influencers like you how to be great at effectively using your power to move people. 

Incorporating diversity and inclusion in the influencer marketing space invites diverse audiences, allowing them to become a part of something bigger.   

This partnership has created the space for our 6-week in-depth Masterclass designed to empower, educate and equip influencers with the knowledge and tools to take their influence to the next level.

Successful Social Media Principles 

TIL201: The standardized guide to growing a meaningful, monetized social media presence

It’s about time you ditched your DIY strategizing to finally grow an amazing online presence with content you love. Your endgame of having your value seen by thousands will transform from pipe dream to regular reality in an instant.

A proven, non-negotiable foundation for tiny content creators and aspiring influencers, this syllabus serves you organic growth, algorithm-busting strategy, and the exact process for scoring sponsorships from the jump.

Whether you’re growing your brand on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or somewhere else, get ready to get organized, be seen, and get paid.

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal

TIL301: The step-by-step guide to landing higher quality brand deals & partnerships

Nano influencer of a couple hundred followers or superstar content creator with a hyper-engaged audience? Whatever your category, game-changing sponsorships that level up your influencing and grow your income to 4- and 5- figures are well within reach.

We’re handing over years’ worth of industry know-how by when we give you the pitching tricks, negotiation scripts, and relationship-building strategies for effectively navigating the field and fast-tracking you to professional success.

Raise your rates, build trust, and become the prized influencer that brands want to work with.

Mastering Monetization

TIL401: The comprehensive guide to diversifying & maximizing your influencer earnings

Influencing doesn’t have to be a never-ending hustle. We’ve got you covered with the detailed directions for building a 5-figure-earning, full-time influencer brand from your content and talents.

Grab hold of our resources, learn all there is to know about monetization, and master it across any or every viable avenue. Affiliate marketing, email lists, paid ads, podcasts, guestblogging, passive income streams, product sales, and a multitude of vlogging, blogging, and social media strategies thrown in the mix. Plus, the systems and guidelines for smoothly operating your business-driven empire.

We’ll make your journey as profitable as can be.

TIL is the best place to go if you’re new to being an influencer and want to invest in your brand.  TIL was able to help me understand the blueprint of how I want myself presented and how I should navigate the next step in my journey.”

Stephany Jean

Content Creator and Author (Skincare and Lifestyle)

who we serve

Wherever you’re starting from, there’s a worthwhile lane for you to jump onto and fly. No matter your niche and whatever your follower count, there’s a course that’ll help you crush your goals and forge a noteworthy trail to success.

The go-getting beginner

You’re starting from (almost) zero, but know that what you lack is insider info, not value. Your determination will take you to the top.

The unclear dreamer

Your vision is big but the process is hazy. From even the smallest of follower counts, you’re ready to dive in once you’ve peeped the right strategy.

The brand deal-chaser

It’s mission manifest as you go for the pay your content deserves. We love a value-driven influencer who’s eager to affirm their worth.

The cruising content creator

You’ve hit that satisfying sweet spot with your content and strategy. But you know that with renewed focus, more reward is on the horizon.

The asset-minded entrepreneur

You know that your impact knows no limits, so you’re ready to build that bigger, more profitable influencer brand.

The never-settling superstar

Never content with complacency, you’ll do anything it takes to skyrocket your influence to new dimensions.

And all the in-betweeners!

As long as you’re excited to achieve your goals, master your mindset, and level up with passion, motivation, and committed, we’re thrilled to help you triumph.

Prospective Student / Notable Alumnus,

get ready to acheive beyond your imagined potential.

I’m Brittany Bright, Director at The Influencer League.

I founded this institution to help aspiring and up-and-coming influencers like you make the most of the “influencer” title. To shine as your authentic self, while growing your purpose-aligned following. I made it my mission to bridge the gap between brand and influencer, and actively combat the lack of diversity and gatekeeping along the way.

When you enroll for any of our programs, you’ll join a cohort of impassioned students who embody the go-getting yet collective-minded vision of achievement that forms the fabric of our institution.

We’re dedicated to delivering excellence in training, teaching, and support as you undergo your upcoming course of study.

We’re excited to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets you need to succeed.

And we’re ecstatic to have you do it with us.

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