Courtney Williams

Written by The Influencer League

On March 31, 2020

Courtney’s Story

Courtney Williams is #BlendedFamily goals. Her rise up the Millennial Mom Influencer ranks began a couple of years ago.

A Houston native, she is known for her on point “Mommy and Me” fashion. Courtney has built a lifestyle brand centered around all things family, motherhood, blended family life, fashion, and faith.

She prides herself on sharing her journey from single motherhood to navigating blended family life, and everything in between, very candidly and transparently.

Courtney has stated she is grateful that her platform has allowed her to show women around the world that just because unexpected twists and turns come up in life, it doesn’t mean you can’t have everything, and MORE, out of life that you’ve ever imagined. 

“I started working with TIL not even one year ago to this date and have gone from making some decent “side hustle” money to now generating a full time income from influencing. It’s honestly been life changing. “

– Courtney 


Niche: Lifestyle

Location: Houston, TX

Differentiator: Blended Family, Mommy & Me Fashion

Past Brand Deals: Pampers, Always, Raw Sugar Living, Dove

Discovering “The League”

When Courtney first started working with TIL the goal was to make more money. But we built a foundation on building a solid brand, which will provide a ROI in multiple ways. 

The Challenge

Courtney was experiencing not knowing how to navigate the world of working with large nation-wide retailers/brands, contract negotiating, and being confident enough to ask my worth.

The Solution

We started off with making a weekly goal list that consisted of personal goals to better leverage her brand and also business goals such as weekly pitching to brands as well. We helped negotiate contracts, learn how to pitch brands, and learn how to be confident to ask her worth, but also backup her asking rate with appropriately explaining her value to brands.

The Progress 

Follower Growth – When I first started working with TIL I believe I was around the 30k range in followers and now have grown to a whopping 86k followers. She helped me recognize not only the importance of consistency with my content but putting out quality content as well.

Brand Deals – My biggest brand deal to date since working with TIL was my very 1st 5-figure, long-term contract that also included an all expense paid brand trip as well. Definitely the highlight of my influencing career so far.

I can’t say enough great things about TIL and how truly life changing working with them has been. They have a heart for influencers of color and us truly knowing our value and worth and not being afraid to ask for it.

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