How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal (TIL301): The step-by-step process for securing paid and profitable brand partnerships, for influencers of all levels and follower sizes.

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal

We equip you with the advanced strategies and systems you need to ascend the ranks as an influencer, achieve superstar status among your audience, and make consistent 5-figure earnings.

Study and execute on our guidelines, scripts, and industry-set standards for landing quality brand sponsorships and creating solid, profitable partnerships that last the long-haul.

End-of-course achievements:


Optimise your online presence to align with the best opportunities


Become a prized influencer that brands desire to work with


Elevate your entrepreneurship with lifelong business skills


Land bigger, better, and longer-lasting paid brand deals

Brand deals and sponsorships will be the biggest source of income for your influencer empire.

But you may be feeling that the great ones are out of your league.

That brands would never think of paying you, because you don’t have tens of thousands of followers.

Or perhaps you’re being offered money, but its peanuts compared to the value of your work.

You’ve internalized the idea that you’re ‘too tiny’ to be taken seriously, so companies would never dream of cutting you a worthwhile check.

What else are you supposed to think, when the brands you do speak to only offer product exchanges or ‘exposure’? (If they get back to you at all…)

When you know there are better opportunities out there…
…but the popular and popping influencers seem to be the only ones thriving.

Those well-known content creators with the larger-than-life personalities (…and followings!) attending events, taking trips and growing their amazing online brands day after day.

The gap between you and your aspirations seems enormous.

But we’re here to tell you:

Scoring excellent partnerships isn’t just micro or mega influencer territory.

Take our student, Khadijah Taylor, a Dallas-based style and lifestyle content creator, who secured $1,000 in paid campaigns with just 4K followers.

All it took was…a plan.

We created a game plan that focused on playing up her creative talents and unique strengths as a nano influencer. She then implemented our techniques for building an engaged audience, pitching attractively to brands, and communicating appropriately with campaign managers.

And that’s how she sealed the deal.

Quality brand deals that pay exist for every level and every type of influencer.

Securing them is anyone’s game, including yours.

Don’t let doubt, insecurities, or lack of industry know-how stop you from taking clear steps towards manifesting your goals.

Here are the Influencer League, we know the influencer marketing industry inside and out.

We’ve observed the precise practices that please brands into offering the very best in compensation and reward.

We’ve paid attention to the details in etiquette that turn simple deals into solid partnerships.

We’ve pinpointed the vast opportunities accessible to influencers with followings of 100, 10,000, 100,000 and beyond…and the effective strategies for securing them.

We know what it takes – and the exact steps to take – in order to cut through the noise and flourish as a growing and paid influencer.

Let us give you the blueprint.


How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal

Score quality, paid brand partnerships by following our step-by-step guide for influencers of all levels to successfully navigate the industry and establish trustworthy relationships with brands and campaign managers.

We’ll break down the brand-influencer relationship from top to bottom, and you’ll execute on our foolproof process to smoothly land the 3-, 4- or 5-figure deals that serve your purpose.

Our focused teachings and detailed instruction have helped everyone from nano influencers of a few hundred followers to rising superstar content creators score worthwhile, regular and top-quality sponsorships.

You’ll get:

18 x self-paced classes

 laying out the step-by-step process, expert guidelines, and industry know-how needed to find, negotiate, and land quality influencer brand deals


A 2-page Influencer Media Kit Template

customizable and value-adding to your powerful pitches

We’ll help you:

Refine your online presence, craft perfect pitches, negotiate smoothly, and develop the all-round business acumen necessary for building relationships, and landing the opportunities you desire.

Prepare to…

Align your content and branding to match the opportunities that suit you best

Master pitching, negotiation, business relationship-building, and other entrepreneurial skills that serve you for life

Create and nurture quality business agreements that supplement your income and set your influencer empire up for success

Join the ranks of other influencers, big, small, and across a myriad of niches, who’ve landed their favourite (and multiple!) brand deals

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal is…

A Proven Strategy

…and so much more!

Raise their rates by hundreds of dollars.

Crack their first $1K within months of strategizing.

Score double brand deals worth four figures combined in one day.

ecure a $15k deal using the art of negotiation.

We strategically leverage deliverables, follower size and compensation to land our students bigger deals or create longer-term partnerships out of one-time offers.

Simply come as you are…

…and we’ll help you harness all the components of your current status to help you access worthy brand deals in no time, and grow as a content creator.

‘Despite having less than 10K on Instagram, I was able to score multiple 4-figure paying contracts with brands. I thank God for the opportunities and giving me the motivation to remain consistent.’

– Esther-Lauren (Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator)

Landing Your Dream Brand Deal is…

A Transformative Process

You’re going to:

Level Up

First things first – your online presence should appeal instantly to the brands you’re craving working with.

You only have a few minutes to make the right impression, so it’s imperative that your value shines though.

The major element that seals the deal when campaign managers scout through your page?

Your top-quality, on-brand, and audience-serving content, of course.

Become The Prize

How would you like to know the precise standards, needs, and priorities of companies that work with influencers?

Once you understand what campaign managers’ want to see and achieve, and keep that at the forefront of your strategy, you’ll begin to unlock the real currency that keeps you around for the long-run – trust.

The keys?

Authenticity & professionalism. In how you carry yourself, nurture your audience, and communicate with your brands of choice.

Go For Gold (& Make It Last!)

Once you learn to shoot your shot confidently with the right brands, you’ll be able to escape ‘product in exchange for a post’ territory once and for all.

It’s all about how you’ll set the tone for a profitable, long-lasting partnership from the moment you hit ‘send’ on that pitch. And if they approach you? You’ll know exactly how to turn any offer into something more valuable.

Your content and work are worth being paid for. Period.

Landing Your Dream Brand Deal is…

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

What’s stopping you?

‘I don’t have an agent…’

Don’t sweat it. Going through an agency is just one way to find and negotiate worthwhile deals – you can be just as successful if you go at it alone. We’ve got you covered with the proven guidelines and process, whichever avenue you choose.

You don’t need them. What you need is an authentic and engaged relationship with your audience, no matter the size. It all starts with your content – we’ll help you refine and align your online presence to match the opportunities that best suit you.

I don’t have hundreds and thousands of pageviews…

“I have no idea how to build relationships or even introduce myself”

We’ll walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, by giving you the strategy, steps, and scripts. Our teachings equip you with the foundational and fundamental skills for initiating, establishing, and maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships rooted in trust and authenticity.

Not a problem. That’s why we teach you the entire art of negotiation and setting up contracts. We’ll clarify the verbiage, legal terms, and proper etiquette for keeping your agreements fair and up-to-standard – you’ll no longer have to worry.

I’m scared of the legal stuff

They always say there’s no budget…

We’ll teach you to vet and negotiate properly with brands. That way, you’ll waste less time in fruitless exchanges. With the essential know-how and tools for navigating the industry, you’ll confidently command the financial compensation worthy of your work.

‘Hearing stories about TIL’s nano-influencer clients getting paid motivated me to set my own rates and not accept as many unpaid opportunities because those were taking up time that could be spent on more meaningful (or paid) projects. When I utilized their format suggestions for brand pitch emails, I started receiving quicker responses from brands and more paid campaigns because my numbers proved I could be a great partner. Prior to this, I was only being gifted product in exchange for posts.’

– Jenay Ross, Poet and Content Creator (Lifestyle and Poetry)

Landing Your Dream Brand Deal is…

Solidifying Your Vision

Stop sweating the details, and let us remind you:
It’s your content that’s at the center of your success.

Your dedication to upgrading your online presence and following our industry-informed strategy is all you need to maximise your earning potential.

As long as you’re ready to give it your all, we’re here to help you hone in on your value and smoothly conquer the process.

‘My biggest brand deal to date since working with TIL was my very 1st 5-figure, long-term contract that also included an all-expense paid brand trip as well. Definitely the highlight of my influencing career so far. I’ve gone from making some decent “side hustle” money to now generating a full-time income from influencing. It’s honestly been life changing.’

– Courtney Williams (Lifestyle Content Creator)

The Curriculum

Your course breakdown is as follows:


Before The Deal

Proper prep work will help you secure a deal that’s deserving of your time and talents.

In your introductory modules, we’ll be breaking down an exact strategy for researching, discovering, and establishing the deals of your dreams.

You’re going to:

 Learn to position your online presence and content to capture the interest of campaign managers

 Produce a worthy roster of brands that are prime for providing golden opportunities

 Apply accelerating strategies for pinpointing and reaching out to key decision-makers – know exactly who to target and how

 Learn how to tailor your contact discovery and outreach to leverage influencer marketing agencies

 Write short, sweet, and impactful pitches that cut to the chase to place your winning partnership potential front and center

  Create a captivating media kit and know when to use them for maximum impact


Armed with industry know-how, you’ll lay out a path of least resistance that’ll maximise your chances of success.

 And with the help of our proven planning and outreach process, you’ll attract meaningful responses and golden opportunities that much more easily.




Getting the response is just the beginning.

You’ll need vital frameworks and guidelines at your reference if you’re going to transform a brand’s captured attention into a winning collaboration.

You’re going to:

  Get the need-to-know intel and guidance for setting your rates – you’ll finally quit stressing to choose the “perfect” fees

  Practice and perfect the art of negotiation – push gracefully for what you want through communication rooted in professionalism and trust

  Learn what’s standard in payment terms, deliverables and timelines, to arrange fair deals with confidence

  Easily anticipate and ‘stay ready’ for each outcome – you’ll have responses ready for any type of offer, counteroffer, or query

  ecome better versed in usage rights, exclusivity and everything in between that helps bolster solid and secure contracts

Preparation + Information.
When it comes to negotiations, that’s all there is to it.

We’ll help you refine the empowering skills needed to bring quality deals into fruition and build meaningful, mutually-beneficial relationships while you’re at it.

Leverage these skills for the influencer marketing industry and beyond…


Managing The Deal

Creating the killer content for your brand deal is the exciting challenge you’ve been waiting for.

You may be supervising your process independently or with a brand specialist. Either way, we’re pumped to guide you through the two-way street of satisfying the brand, and producing the content that your audience will faun over.

Through our teachings, you’ll:

  Get acquainted with the typical draft and approval process for content creation – take the stress and pressure off your shoulders as you work to meet the brand’s requirements

  Adopt a time-saving system for monitoring your progress, and keeping your project on-track and on-time

  Know exactly how to tackle requests to revise or recreate your deliverables

Stay on top of your game to make your value and professionalism shine in each and any partnership.

Dream brand deals may come to an end, but prized relationships and a top-notch reputation are long-lasting…


After the Deal

That dream brand deal is more than a milestone moment – you can make it the stepping stone that serves you for life.

Executing our beginning-to-end process is proof of your power to manifest a bigger and brighter future as an influencer. If longevity is the name of your game, you’ll want to top off your hard work with some crucial extra steps.

Get ready to:

  Leverage and apply project feedback like a pro: because the lessons of today should push you to newer heights tomorrow

  Harness the power of the follow-up: because staying top-of-mind is the key to staying paid.

  Consolidate and upgrade your relationships: because quality connections are what get you ahead, twice as fast

Get ready to win with your newfound strategy.

Avoid time wasters when you search for deals

Your choice of brands matters

Eliminate the faults in your search and vetting process, and you’ll see much faster results. After studying with us, you’ll stop pitching to the wrong brands, and no longer seek attention from companies that don’t serve your long-term vision.

Finding the go-to contact is everything. Since the course covers the various campaign types and hierarchies within the influencer marketing industry, you’ll learn exactly how to find the right person in charge and how to best approach them.

Get your pitch & platform seen by the right contacts

Who you pitch to matters

Set yourself up as the opportunity & score

How you present yourself matters

Content + confidence = success. With your content refined and your pitching, negotiation, and business communication skills intact, you’ll make partnering with you an offer brands can’t refuse.

Your Extra Credit Bonus!

Together with the class modules, you’ll get:

A 2-page Influencer Media Kit Template

Grab our customizable template to create your very own Influencer Media Kit, a valuable attachment to your email pitches and negotiations when needed (we’ll tell you when!)

You’ll display your offerings, strengths, online platforms, analytics, and past experience in a visually-captivating light to boost your chances for success.

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal is…

An Education Of Excellence

With our Founder Brittany Bright (an influencer and influencer marketing professional) at the helm, The Influencer League truly speaks to both sides of the industry with first-hand knowledge, full transparency and a collaborative spirit.

Our unparalleled training is paving the way for students like you to blaze your trail, earn more money and make a solid name for yourself in your industry or niches of choice.

We’ve helped secure over $80,000 in brand deals for our students – influencers of varying tiers from around the world, each with their own unique and distinctive value.

Landing your dream brand deal is more than just a content creator ‘milestone’.

It represents the firm knowledge, upgraded skills, and the transformed mindsets that empower you to build and enhance your influencer empire.

Our mission is to guide you to success.

Ready to finally receive the financial reward your hard work and quality content deserves?

Ready to secure the foundations of a prized, paid and long-lasting influencer brand?

Ready to join a cohort of dedicated peers on the path to achieving the same?

All you have to do is enroll.

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal (TIL102): An Overview

The precise step-by-step for influencers of all levels to secure paid, profitable, and worthwhile brand deals.

Build the appropriate presence, craft the perfect pitches, negotiate smoothly, and develop the all-round business acumen necessary for building relationships, and scoring the sponsorships and opportunities you desire.

18 x self-paced classes

 laying out the step-by-step process, expert guidelines, and industry know-how needed to find, negotiate, and land quality influencer brand deals


A 2-page Influencer Media Kit Template

customizable and value-adding to your powerful pitches

Your learning highlights:

Simple steps for aligning your content to brands’ needs & wowing them with your value

An insider education on navigating negotiations & creating campaign-activating content as an independent influencer

Response-accelerating approaches for finding & reaching out to key brand deal decision-makers & getting noticed by the contacts that matter

A ready-to-go pitching guide – simply copy, paste & tweak our concise language for communicating your worth with confidence

Fully customizable media kit templates that sell your achievements & winning partnership potential

Industry-inspired insight on securing brand partnerships through agencies

A complete guide to negotiations – get fully equipped with the knowledge & approaches for establishing fair deals worthy of professional – & profitable – influencing

A stress-reducing system that you’ll set up to monitor, track & push your projects smoothly to completion

Icing-on-the-cake strategies for amplifying your reputation & reach towards greater opportunities

How To Land Your Dream Brand Deal (TIL102): An Overview

The precise step-by-step for influencers of all levels to secure paid, profitable, and worthwhile brand deals.

Build the appropriate presence, craft the perfect pitches, negotiate smoothly, and develop the all-round business acumen necessary for building relationships, and scoring the sponsorships and opportunities you desire.

18 x self-paced classes

 laying out the step-by-step process, expert guidelines, and industry know-how needed to find, negotiate, and land quality influencer brand deals


A 2-page Influencer Media Kit Template

customizable and value-adding to your powerful pitches


From Prospective Students

When & how will I be able to access the materials?

Once you enroll, you’ll be given instant access to your course portal, where all introductory materials will be available for immediate study.

What happens if I can’t make a class?

Not to worry! All lessons will be uploaded and available for you to access at your convenience.

How long will I have to complete the modules?

 The course completion is self-paced, allowing you to study and put your learnings into practice according to a timeline and workload you choose.

Once enrolled, you’ll have 12 months to access all course modules, trainings and materials. Plenty of time to go back, relearn, and revise any of the content over the course of your studies.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course materials, refunds cannot be provided.

Level Up.
Go For Gold.
Land The Deal.