The Influencer League 6-Week Masterclass (TIL101): An introduction into the world of Influencer Marketing, in partnership with MSL Group


The Influencer League X MSL have come together as a force to bring a dynamic shift to the world of influencing by teaching  Black and POC influencers like you how to be great at effectively using your power to move people. 

Incorporating diversity and inclusion in the influencer marketing space invites diverse audiences, allowing them to become a part of something bigger.   

This partnership has created the space for our 6-week in-depth Masterclass designed to empower, educate and equip influencers with the knowledge and tools to take their influence to the next level.


Requirements for Admission


Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color influencer or content creator




18 years or older

Master Your influence

As an influencer, you set the standard by…

Recognizing your purpose which is to influence the lives of others in an astronomical way

Creating content that connects with your true audience and inspires them to thrive

Aligning with brands and their visions to bridge gaps within their target audience, win their hearts and cultivate an authentic culture in their marketing strategies

…now, let’s maximize that.

Boost your influence with our 6-week Masterclass

Becoming a revolutionized influencer that brings to the table an authority and presence that is unmatched is possible. Join the student body and we’ll show you how.

MSL is Publicis Groupe’s strategic communications and public relations network spanning more than 100 offices worldwide with more than 3,000 talented professionals. With a mission to reimagine what PR can accomplish and what a PR agency looks like, MSL U.S. is focused on leveraging the power of communications to grow business and build reputation by influencing conversations, culture, choices and change.


Why Education?

By investing in this 6-week Masterclass and additional courses, you are able to bridge the gaps on the ins and outs of influencer marketing, position yourself on a higher level of success where you can become visible to brands and audiences that need your influence as you gain clear understanding and knowledge which will always set you apart from the crowd.


If you’re wondering what the key difference is for your journey as an influencer, it’s being here.


The doors to endless opportunities are ready for you to open. We’re just providing the keys.

Being in attendance, you will gain access to: 

  • Monetization materials formulated to help you bring in live revenue
  • Social media growth resources that teach you how to increase your following
  • An education that will give you unmatched knowledge on how to work hands-on with brands that align with your influencer brand
  • Effective ways to learn how to successfully manage your blog platform
  • Tips that will strengthen your influencer brand

It’s time you had the right advocates on your side to help you break the glass ceiling in the influencer industry and become limitless in your reach.

Start your test drive with our 6-Week Masterclass…

Because this is just the beginning.

It’s true that you can take your career as an influencer to levels you didn’t know were possible to reach. You may ask yourself, “how?” The answer to your question lies in staying the course and intentionally choosing to go to the next level.

It doesn’t have to stop here with this Masterclass and it shouldn’t. It’s time you take the limits off, ditch relying on potential, and dive deeper into the possibilities by making the investment in your influencing brand.

Get ready. You’re about to take your influencer career to places unimaginable.

Start seeing yourself…


As confident in what you bring to the table with effective strategies and tactics for influencing


Consistently producing awe-inspiring content that is high-quality and breeds loyalty from your audience


Amplifying your influence beyond a reach you once thought was impossible


Having an abundant overflow of income and freedom of living


Collaborating with brands you love and identify with in order to show up organically in the social media space

But we hear your concerns…

This is for you if you’re:

  • Frustrated with not being able to land partnerships with brands
  • Overwhelmed with content planning and production
  • Stuck on how to remain consistent and cannot seem to sync with your influencer purpose
  • Stagnant in growing your social media presence and following
  • Constantly underestimating the value you offer and how it can make you money

How will you choose to set yourself apart?


The influencer league 6-week masterclass

Experience the Influencer League difference


Distinguishing yourself with what will help you do a well-done job is the most beneficial factor to confidently showing up as an influencer. Which is why you should know what The Influencer League difference is.

During our 6-week journey and beyond, our loyalty lies with you in providing the vital assets for you to flourish in your influencer journey without the unnecessary guesswork so that you can experience more freedom, more knowledge, more opportunities, and more money.

12 x self-paced modules

providing the principles, training, and application of our fundamental strategy. 


2 x 1hr-long extra credit webinar and Q+A sessions

hosted by our League’s Director


Additional templates and materials

for accelerating your execution

graduate with…

Set standards of what brands you would potentially partner with


Knowing how to discover the right brand deals that work for you and those that don’t

Clarity of your influencer worth and confidence of your price tag 

More broadened knowledge of how to continuously excel in the influencer marketing industry


The Curriculum


your influencer brand

Everyone can become an elite influencer when the work is put in. You may be asking, “how?” Being an influencer is more than your content, and beyond your follower count.

There are tons of influencers who have an influx of followers but have barely scratched the surface of landing large brand deals.

You will learn the business of being an influencer, maintaining consistency to set yourself apart, how to escalate your motivation, and be seen in the crowd.

This lesson’s topics are, but not limited to:

  Production of high-quality content

  Discovering content inspiration

  Solidifying your status as an influencer

week two

social media growth

Want to grow your following? This lesson will show you exactly how to do that. The successful, time-tested tips that we have used for numerous influencers & creators has allowed for them to grow their following long-term, and short-term. 

First, we will learn how to create a social media strategy, then we will cover topics including: 

  Hashtag Strategies

  Effective engagement methods

  Social Media Analytics

week three + week four

working with brands

Despite your size of following or level of influence, there’s a seat at the table for you! The perfect brand deal is waiting for you, it’s time you learn how to, not just land them, but land the right ones.

Throughout this session, you will not only learn the basics of HOW to work with brands

This lesson’s topics include, but are not limited to:


  How to find the right brand deals

  What to do when you do not have a manager

  How to be noticed by brands

week five

managing a successful blog

Want to create a platform that is meaningful? Or maybe you want to revamp and repurpose your current written content. Either way, with a blog, you’re able to create an outlet that is fueled by inspiration and drives value to the lives of your audience.

In the Masterclass, you can learn how to fine-tune your blog or, if you’re just getting started, make it very purposeful with quality content. Which in return can help you maximize and engage more with your audience, properly position yourself for brand deals, and monetization opportunities.

Prepare your pads and pens for:

→ Creating focus-driven content that connects with your audience

→ Strategies to making praiseworthy content that positions you to monetize your blog and seize opportunities to partner with brands

→ Learning ways to align what you create for your blog with your purposed niche

week six


Are you ready to start making money from your influencer platform? Are you ready to tap into identifying obstacles that hinder your increase in income? Is it time you started getting paid what you’re worth for the high-quality content you produce?

Monetization is a lesson geared towards teaching new or experienced bloggers, vloggers, and influencers how to monetize their platform and discover potential outlets for monetizing.

This lesson’s topics include, but are not limited to:

Top 6 Ways to Make Money Online

5 Building Blocks of Monetization


Pre & post course surveys

We’re here on your journey to assist with every step and stride.

Our goal is to provide effective knowledge, resources, and information that will equip you to take the industry and your influencer brand by storm. How? By hearing from you.

With our mandatory pre & post-course surveys, we will be able to see the need and meet the need within your influencer journey from the beginning, middle, and end of the course. You can also receive clear guidance on the next steps to take within the League.

‘Prior to utilizing the teachings from TIL, I really struggled with approaching brands or felt nervous about doing so. Using the pitching tips I learned from The Influencer League, I was able to secure a 3-month-long partnership with a black owned hair extension company for Instagram & YouTube. I always wanted to work with them but never had the opportunity, so when they responded positively to my pitch, I felt so accomplished and proud of the platform I’ve built for myself.’

Autumn Nicaleh
(Content Creator in the Beauty, Parenting and Lifestyle Niches)

Your Extra Credit Bonuses!

Attendance to two 1-hour webinar & Q+A sessions hosted by our League’s Director.

Take every modules at your own pace and worry-free. Have doubts, curiosities or questions come up during your studies? Bring them to class and consider them handled!


Additional templates and materials

Receive the same templates and frameworks you’ll see featured in class. Download and personalize them for instant use, and free up more time for planning and executing on the content of your strategies.

‘Started the new year with 3060 followers [on Instagram] and my goal was at reach 6000 by the end of 2020. I managed to reach that goal in one month! Not only did I reach 6000, I have a lot more engagement on my post. Thanks to all the tips I learned from @influenceleague!!’

– Lilie, Fashion and Lifestyle Content Creator

In less than 6 months,

I have almost doubled my story views, engagement rates are above average for nano-influencers, I’ve gone viral and gained over 500 followers since the birth of my brand.’

– Khadijah Taylor, Life and Style Influencer

After succeeding in growing her following, and with less than 4k followers, Khadijah was also able to secure $1,000 from paid campaigns.

This was the result of proper planning, playing up her strengths as a new nano influencer, as well as crafting an engaging concept in her pitches to brands.

Establish Your Vision. Get Seen. Monetize Your Influence.

Dear influencers from all backgrounds and walks of life…

Whatever your niche, and no matter your follower count, know that there are
countless opportunities with your name written across, ready for the taking.

We’ve guided rookies in building enviable followings from scratch within months, and helped tiny accounts of a few thousand followers land 4-figure contracts by simply showing up, cleaning up their strategy, and commanding their value through tried-and-true techniques.

Our teachings have helped influencers at every tier crush their goals and forge their trail to success.

Now it’s your turn to receive, execute, and flourish.

Enlist at the Influencer League to join a cohort of supportive, passionate students.

Our students embody the trailblazing spirit and the collective-minded vision of achievement that forms the fabric of our institution.

We’re a community that’s hungry to see each and every one of us excel.

‘TIL is the best place to go if you’re new to being an influencer and want to invest in your brand. TIL was able to help me understand the blueprint of how I want myself presented and how I should navigate the next step in my journey.’

– Stephany Jean, Content Creator and Author (Skincare and Lifestyle niche)

Frequently asked questions

When & how will I be able to access the materials?

Once you enroll, you’ll be given instant access to your course portal, where all introductory materials will be available for immediate study.

What happens if I can’t make a class or webinar?

Not to worry! All classes will be uploaded and available for enrolled students to access at their convenience.

You’ll also have instant access to the extra credit webinars after they’ve been delivered. If you miss the live session, you may watch the replay at the moment that’s best for you.

How long will I have to complete the modules?

The course completion is self-paced, allowing you to study and put your learnings into practice according to a timeline and workload you choose.

Once enrolled, you’ll have lifetime access the entire course and materials, giving you plenty of time to go back, relearn and revise any of the content over the course of your journey.

Is there a refund policy?

This is a FREE course. The only investment from you is your time, excitement, and willingness to learn!