Mastering the Instagram Algorithm



Have you ever heard someone say, “My engagement has tanked – Instagram updated the algorithm,” as an excuse to their content not performing as well as it normally does?

Have you ever heard someone ‘blame it on the algorithm?’

What if we told you the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing based on you, your content, your interests, and your audience. Which leads to the question, “what are you doing to work with the algorithm instead of trying to cheat it?”

There are no tricks to beating the algorithm. Instead, only guidance, advice, and practices to help you learn more about how it works, and how you can tailor your content and strategies to work with it.

Mastering the Instagram Algorithm takes you through:

  1. Understanding your analytics
  2. Learning how the Instagram Algorithm Works
  3. How Instagram ranks your feed posts & how to improve your ranking
  4. Guidance on the explore page & how to get your posts on there
  5. Navigating Instagram stories, DM’s, Live, and IGTV to improve your engagement & relationships with your audience

By the end of this book, you will have a clear outlook on how to increase your engagement, grow your following, and build better relationships.