The Influencer League Influencer Textbook (Physical Version)


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It takes years to become an overnight success. Growth takes time, patience, and hard work. As an influencer, you know first-hand what that looks like. The Unrivaled Influencer Textbook takes you through the influencer journey from beginning to end. Learn exactly what is required to become a top-tier influencer. From learning how to leverage and grow your overall influencer brand, grow exponentially on social media, monetize your influence not just in terms of brand deals or affiliate sales, but other methods as well, and how to land brand deals/strengthen your relationships with brands.

Once you’ve read the final page of this book, you will have advanced knowledge on the topic of influencer marketing. Written by an influencer/influencer marketing professional, you can expect nothing but authentic, relatable, trustworthy, up-to-date information on all of the topics covered.

Inside This Textbook:

  • 150+ pages
  • 5 Modules
    • Leveraging Your Influencer Brand
    • Social Media Growth
    • How to Start a Blog
    • Monetizing Your Influencer Brand
    • Working With Brands
  • 25 Chapters
  • Q&A portion directly from influencers like you
  • Influencer Scenarios
  • Personal Anecdotes from Influencer Professionals
  • Influencer + Brand Glossary of Terms


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