Successful Social Media Principles (TIL201): The complete and standardized guide for influencers and content creators seeking to grow a meaningful and monetized social media presence.

Successful Social Media Principles

Learn the exact strategy for growing an engaged following and landing paid brand deals in a matter of weeks or months.


Build authentic engagement and relationships with your followers


Attain consistent and organic follower growth


Mark your well-deserved place in your niche(s) of choice


Accelerate your journey to securing 3- and 4-figure brand sponsorships

How would it feel to finally have an online presence that captivates your audience, appeals to brands, and supplements your income?

To build a social media following rooted in community, boost your engagement to unexpected levels, and secure those paid partnerships you’ve always been dreaming of?

You Dream of:

Increasing your IG & TikTok following by thousands.

Build your community on YouTube.

Reeling in a loyal audience that is engaged in your content

Landing brand deals that reflect your hard work and value

but you’re struggling.

Struggling to build a cohesive stream of thoughtful posts.

To find the time to be consistent.

To strike the balance between ‘doing it for the ‘gram’ and staying true to yourself.

So, you often question if it’s possible for you to achieve your goals of raising your profile (and earning potential!) as a content creator, and have fun doing it.

You already know that excellent content and strong engagement are the major keys to success.

Which is why you keep asking yourself:

‘Do videos perform better than photos?’

‘How do I get my posts seen by more people?

‘Are these hashtags helping or hurting my engagement?

And why you spend late nights editing content for the tenth time or piecing together the ‘perfect’ caption with prompts you downloaded from some blog hours before. Or investing valuable time interacting with random accounts you found on that hashtag that you swear will bring the engagement this time.

Because what do these efforts give you beyond a temporary rise in impressions, a handful of strangers’ comments and the slowest-moving stream of likes and shares?

Short-term wins are pleasing for now, but long-term, something else is needed to make your gains solid.

When it comes to the bigger picture…

Your intention to consistently serve your followers with your expertise.

Your desire to build a noteworthy brand.

Your end game of community, worthwhile sponsorships and an overall amazing online presence?

…what you’re missing is a simple but strategic plan that sets your long-term trajectory as a trusted and paid influencer in motion.

All that you wish to achieve as a content creator is possible.

It’s more than possible to boost your engagement astronomically through safe, organic techniques.

Seeing your follower numbers rise day-by-day as you smoothly deliver captivating content can be a reality.

Being attractive to brands without sacrificing your values or personality is easier to achieve than you might imagine.

But we hear your concerns…

…the influencer marketing industry is full of gatekeeping and the lack of diversity is blinding.

We can’t deny it.

That’s why here at the Influencer League, we’re devoted to breaking down doors by providing an elite education for rising influencers of all tiers and follower sizes.

Our students then execute on their learnings to grow meaningful followings and monetize their influence, all while solidifying their purpose and vision.

All it takes for you to achieve your goals is applying purpose to strategy.

That, and your commitment to a foundation-building training that sets you up for the long-haul.

All it takes for you to achieve your goals is applying purpose to strategy.



Learn and apply the exact techniques that have helped influencers of all levels score multiple paid brands deals and grow their audience by the thousands in months.

From audits to analytics…
From content creation to optimization…
From pitching to negotiation…

You’ll learn social media strategy, growth, and monetization, and use them to your advantage to highlight and profit from your individual differentiator.

20 x self-paced modules

providing the principles, training, and application of our fundamental strategy for effective Instagram growth


1 x 1hr-long extra credit webinar and Q+A sessions

hosted by our League’s Director


Additional templates and materials

for accelerating your execution

get ready to…

Adopt a frictionless strategy for producing and publishing quality content that resonates with your audience and impresses brands


Boost your engagement rates up to (and beyond!) industry standards

Grow your follower count, multiply your reach, and increase your impressions

Curate an enticing profile that’s primed for scoring the very best of brand campaigns and sponsorships for your influencer tier

‘Y’all gave me the courage! Despite having less than 10K on Instagram, I was able to score multiple 4-figure paying contracts with brands. I thank God for the opportunities and giving me the motivation to remain consistent’

Esther-Lauren (Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator)

Your Principles are as follows…

Grow your following

To keep that follower count rising, you need magnetic content that resonates with your audience. When you consistently produce top-notch content and the right people see it, they won’t help but follow your lead.

We’ll train you in the fundamentals of establishing an engaged, authentic following that increases by the 1000s in a matter of months.



Understand the algorithm

Admit it. You’re obsessed with ‘conquering’ that unforgiving algorithm, because you’re afraid the next change to its formula will throw away all your efforts. Trust us when we tell you – it’s a worthless battle.

Our all-encompassing curriculum will help you finally demystify the algorithm. Once you’ve understood its core drivers, and work alongside them, you’ll smoothly implement both short- and long-term strategies that stick.



Increase your engagement

Thousands of new followers don’t mean anything if your audience isn’t active and excited at your call. True influence happens when you inspire action with your content and ignite conversation with your message.

We specialize in organic, authentic growth methods for growing your following, and establishing an engaged, reciprocal relationship with your audience.


Land paid brand deals

Get seen and get paid! There are quality opportunities for influencers of all levels to monetize their following. All you’re missing is the strategy, scripts, and standards for communicating and working with brands.

We’ll help you command your worth and more in the influencer marketing industry. From pitching to negotiating to nurturing solid partnerships with brands, you’ll be more than equipped to create additional streams of income.


What you’ll learn is not a one-size-fits-all guide…

An adaptable approach that empowers you to achieve social media growth on your own terms.

The understanding to say yes to what works, and push aside what doesn’t.

A transferable strategy of action that secures the roots of your continued success.

It’s the essential foundation for any purpose-driven influencer brand.

The formula is simple.

Ideas + Strategy + Consistency = Success.

Take SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MEDIA PRINCIPLES to follow the same trajectory. Dig into your course breakdown below:

The Curriculum


Perform Your SOCIAL MEDIA Audit

You won’t make good progress if you don’t know where you’ve been, what you’ve done and the way it has (or hasn’t) worked for you.

When we audit, we study the past, present, and future of what resonates for the audience you’re seeking to engage.

With these introductory classes, you’ll

  …discover your area of genius, define your target audience, and connect your personal objectives to their needs and desires.

  …solidify your purpose and tighten up your branding

  …learn to quickly identify the content types that connect you and yourmaudience organically

You’ll have the confidence and knowledge to always stay rooted in your unique mission. Your path to successful influencing will be smoother sailing when your values are clear and your choices have meaning and relevance.


Build Your Winning Instagram Strategy

Tired of setting vague goals that don’t spark change? Goals that only lead to guesswork and trial-and-error.

Wherever there’s success, there’s real strategy.

Designing the roadmap to your destination involves clear, specific, and actionable planning, so it’s time to you broke that cycle of empty objectives and inconclusive results.

With our counsel, you’ll

  …adopt an optimal goal-setting process that crystallizes your professionalism from the jump

  …create actionable objectives that embody your values and lead to measurable results

  put your winning social media strategy together, and establish clear directives for harnessing content curation & scheduling tools

  …sharpen your understanding of how and when each content format serves you in achieving your influencer goals.

You’ll not only finish with a focused IG strategy to guide you, but also the confidence to pivot and regroup when necessary.


Instagram Growth Methods

You need full-proof methods for increasing your following.

You want the type of audience numbers and recognition that’ll assert your authority and boost your earning potential for the long-haul.

Green Zone methods are the name of the game. 100% organic and authentic, you’ll tap into the very best audiences through safe (not slow!) strategies.

We’ll equip you with the relevant methods and mindsets by covering:

  How to create an effective content schedule that serves your audience while meeting your objectives

  How to provide relationship-building value. From alluring hero shots to step-by-step tutorials and everything in between, you’ll learn to select and arrange content that nurtures connection and brings in quality engagement.

  The art of conversion – you’ll get the essential elements for sparking action from your content when we break down captions, imagery, calls-to-action, and more.

  Effective cross-promotion and how it supports a well-oiled social media machine.

  ‘Icing-on-the-cake’ hashtag hacks and algorithm-friendly optimisation tricks known for expanding students’ IG reach to the stratosphere.

There’s no one way to gain traction. We’re simply devoted to helping you amplify your message and step boldly and successfully into your niche(s) through our industry-backed methodology.


Understanding The Algorithm

We said it once, and we’ll say it again. Your job is not to beat the evil algorithm.

Instead, take our proven pathway to unshakeable IG growth that works alongside, not against it. While the formula may change (and often!), we have its underlying principles and drivers on lock.

Let us guide you on the essential so that you confidently maximize your follower growth for years to come.

Prepare your pads and pens for:

  A deep dive into the feed post ranking and the inner workings of the explore page

  A step-by-step on interpreting analytics and performing transformational quality checks on your posts

Maintain and keep building on your ‘top-of-page’ status by understanding your key performance indicators and applying your solid growth strategy (Module #3) to your use of IG’s tools and features.

Never stress again about ‘losing your engagement’. Together with your quality
content, these learnings will stop you getting lost in the crowd in the short- and long-term.


Monetizing Your Instagram

Secure brand partnerships and get paid to post!

With your strategy in place, your content on-brand, and your followers engaged, it’s time to go for gold.

We’ll give you the protocols, language, and industry-wide standards for communicating with brands and landing deals that, suit your purpose, serve your audience, and supplement your income.

‘Prior to utilizing the teachings from TIL, I really struggled with approaching brands or felt nervous about doing so. Using the pitching tips I learned from The Influencer League, I was able to secure a 3-month-long partnership with a black owned hair extension company for Instagram & YouTube. I always wanted to work with them but never had the opportunity, so when they responded positively to my pitch, I felt so accomplished and proud of the platform I’ve built for myself.’

Autumn Nicaleh
(Content Creator in the Beauty, Parenting and Lifestyle Niches)

How do you land brand deals?



By knowing exactly what to say when contacting campaign managers.

Establish a professional interaction from the jump approach using our customizable scripts, and impressively articulate your value.



By asserting your worth and asking for the compensation you deserve.

Learn standard industry expectations, navigate legal terms and confidently set-up mutually beneficial contracts that honour your work and efforts.


By accepting the right deals and operating with integrity.

With our do’s and don’ts for working successfully with brands, you’ll manage worthwhile relationships effectively and set yourself up for the long haul.

Monetize your influence, big or small, and maximize your earning potential on social media.

Join the dozens of influencers whom we’ve helped master brand-influencer interactions to score desirable deals.

Your Extra Credit Bonuses!

Attendance to ONE 1-hour webinar & Q+A session hosted by our League’s Director.

Take every modules at your own pace and worry-free. Have doubts, curiosities or questions come up during your studies? Bring them to class and consider them handled!


Additional templates and materials

Receive the same templates and frameworks you’ll see featured in class. Download and personalize them for instant use, and free up more time for planning and executing on the content of your strategies.

‘Started the new year with 3060 followers [on Instagram] and my goal was at reach 6000 by the end of 2020. I managed to reach that goal in one month! Not only did I reach 6000, I have a lot more engagement on my post. Thanks to all the tips I learned from @influenceleague!!’

– Lilie, Fashion and Lifestyle Content Creator

In less than 6 months,

I have almost doubled my story views, engagement rates are above average for nano-influencers, I’ve gone viral and gained over 500 followers since the birth of my brand.’

– Khadijah Taylor, Life and Style Influencer

After succeeding in growing her following, and with less than 4k followers, Khadijah was also able to secure $1,000 from paid campaigns.

This was the result of proper planning, playing up her strengths as a new nano influencer, as well as crafting an engaging concept in her pitches to brands.

Establish Your Vision. Get Seen. Monetize Your Influence.

Dear influencers from all backgrounds and walks of life…

Whatever your niche, and no matter your follower count, know that there are
countless opportunities with your name written across, ready for the taking.

We’ve guided rookies in building enviable followings from scratch within months, and helped tiny accounts of a few thousand followers land 4-figure contracts by simply showing up, cleaning up their strategy, and commanding their value through tried-and-true techniques.

Our teachings have helped influencers at every tier crush their goals and forge their trail to success.

Now it’s your turn to receive, execute, and flourish.

Your learning highlights:

‘The definitive 7-step process for auditing your account – get focused by
establishing a clear – and easily adjustable – path towards achieving your objectives.

‘Training in digital marketing fundamentals that equips you to establish valuable relationships with your audience, serve a meaningful need, and build a community of engaged followers.

A system-building strategy that helps you identify the right content types, set optimal goals, and perform optimally in your niche.

The bonafide blueprint and essential systems for producing high-quality content that reels in and converts your desired audience

Our customizable content calendar template for you to grab and tweak according to your chosen timelines and milestones

A guide to analytics – you’ll become well-versed at identifying and deciphering the numbers behind your efforts, and how they’re helping you win

A comprehensive collection of Green Zone Methods that put you on a firm route to a higher follower count within months that reels in and converts your desired audience

Algorithm-friendly tactics for boosting your engagement above and beyond the typical standards for your influencer tier (grow the type of following that brands and campaign managers say ‘yes!’

 The Working With Brands training and guide – accelerate your journey to
monetising your influence with the A to Z of securing paid brand partnerships that raise your profile and income

Ready-to-go pitching scripts for reaching out to campaign managers – shoot your shot with confidence when you copy, paste, and customize our straight-forward templates.

The essential do’s and don’ts for negotiating and working successfully with brands – you learn the exact industry protocols for creating fair contracts, and keeping your relationships mutually beneficial, compliant and long-lasting

Exclusive access to additional aids and tools for fast-tracking your new strategies and systems

Enlist at the Influencer League to join a cohort of supportive, passionate students.

Our students embody the trailblazing spirit and the collective-minded vision of achievement that forms the fabric of our institution.

We’re a community that’s hungry to see each and every one of us excel.

‘TIL is the best place to go if you’re new to being an influencer and want to invest in your brand. TIL was able to help me understand the blueprint of how I want myself presented and how I should navigate the next step in my journey.’

– Stephany Jean, Content Creator and Author (Skincare and Lifestyle niche)

Is this course for me?’

Tell us…
What’s holding you back?

‘I’m a beginner…’
‘I don’t have a lot of followers…’
‘I’m new to the influencer marketing industry…’
‘I know what I’m doing, but brands simply don’t want to pay me…’

We understand.

It’s normal to feel that certain opportunities and achievements are only reserved for a
particular profile, level, and background of influencer.

But here are the League, we’ve forged a tradition of taking influencers at any stage of their journey, and pushing them to achieve more than they’d ever imagined.

So, even if you:

→ Have very few followers (but are determined to grow your audience and raise your profile…)

→ Are dreaming of being in the same league as other small content creators and influencers landing paid brand deals… (but you’re simply lacking the industry know-how and expertise…)

→ Have felt stagnant, ineffective, discouraged or even been ‘shadowbanned’ as
a result of your efforts, (and just need the right guidance…)

Then SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL MEDIA Principles will help you win, and our instruction will be to your utmost benefit.

All that you need is the drive and the determination to bring yourgoals into fruition.

So, even if you:

→ You’re not willing to do your own part to achieve your objectives – remember, the only person who can truly hold you accountable is YOU.know-how and expertise…)

→ You not able to carve out time to build a strategy, follow a regular content schedule, and engage consistently on Instagram.know-how and expertise…)

→ You don’t have the motivation, passion, and drive to grow.

Frequently asked questions

When & how will I be able to access the materials?

Once you enroll, you’ll be given instant access to your course portal, where all introductory materials will be available for immediate study.

What happens if I can’t make a class or webinar?

Not to worry! All classes will be uploaded and available for enrolled students to access at their convenience.

You’ll also have instant access to the extra credit webinars after they’ve been delivered. If you miss the live session, you may watch the replay at the moment that’s best for you.

How long will I have to complete the modules?

The course completion is self-paced, allowing you to study and put your learnings into practice according to a timeline and workload you choose.

Once enrolled, you’ll have 12 months to access the entire course and materials, giving you plenty of time to go back, relearn and revise any of the content over the course of your journey.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the course materials, refunds cannot be provided.

successful social media principles: An Overview

The comprehensive course for aspiring influencers seeking to carve their distinctive path to influencer marketing success.

Create a captivating profile, overcome the algorithm, grow your follower count, and command your worth as a content creator with our complete & standardized guide.

20 x self-paced modules

providing the principles, training, and application of our fundamental strategy for effective Instagram growth


1 x 1hr-long extra credit webinar and Q+A sessions

hosted by our League’s Director


Additional templates and materials

for accelerating your execution

Establish Your Vision. Get Seen.
Monetize Your Influence.