Yamaya Mason

Written by The Influencer League

On April 8, 2020

Yamaya’s Story


Yamaya Mason is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator from Los Angeles, CA. With Maya, you can expect makeup reviews, try-on hauls, and exploring new places all while maintaining a healthly lifestyle.

In late 2019, Maya, formerly known as “Maya’s Makeup” went through a brand transformation.

She shed the “makeup” title from her name in order to brand herself as more of a lifestyle expert. In doing so, she was able to open her content and audience up to various engaging topics.

Because of TIL, I am able to make monthly goals so that I am able to pay off a portion of my rent with the income that I have made. In between $700-$900. 

– Yamaya


NICHE: Lifestyle

LOCATION: Los Angles, CA

PREVIOUS BRAND DEALS: Tampax, Crest & Oral-B, 


Yamaya became familiar with The League after joining the very first course. For 6 weeks, Maya tuned into each session to learn about influencer branding, social media growth, monetization, and brand deals. Once the class ended, Maya continued to seek counsel from TIL. Her goal was to improve the quality of content she gave to her audience, land brand deals, and grow on social media. 


Maya’s biggest challenge was not having an engaged audience, as well as a lack of guidance in how to build strong relationships with brands. 


To begin, we started with an Instagram audit for Maya to discover what type of content her audience likes the most. Once that happened, she was able to begin creating more content that was similar. As a result, she saw drastic changes with her engagement. We also covered hashtag strategies, different methods of monetization, building a brand both online, and IRL, influencer networks, and more. 


With consisent work, a rebrand, website launch, and a new midset that’s effective and business and goal-oriented Maya is seeing steady growth, as well as paid brand deals, and the necessary skillset to build relationships with well-known brands. 

My biggest brand deals so far was with a toothpaste brand. It happened very suddenly and I was up for the challenge. This brand deal tested me in how fast I can create content, and how serious I am about being a content creator. 

– Yamaya

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